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Carburetor Adjusting Tool Set

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– Designed for those hard-to-reach air/fuel mixture screws on most multi-cylinder motorcycles
– Special angled drive design assists in aligning the bit with the carburetor adjustment screw
– 9 piece set includes Flat, Phillips (PH2) & D-type bits
– Supplied in a durable metal case
1. 90┬░ Angled Slot Blade Adaptor
2. 90┬░Angled Bit Holder Adaptor
3. 40mm (L) D Type Socket Bit
4. 35mm (L) PH2 Bit
5. 58mm (L) PH2 Bit
6. 35mm (L) Flat 5mm Bit
7. 58mm (L) Flat 5mm Bit
8. 95mm (L) Flat 5mm Bit
9. Auxiliary Handle

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